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Easy for Friends, Inaccessible for Everyone Else.

Email security is only as good as the people who use it. That’s why Zix provides effortless email security to businesses, a superior experience to their workforces, and guaranteed protection everywhere their employees go and on any device.

At Zix, we protect business communications for our customers and their communities. And we don’t rest until every last piece of data is safe and secure.

ZixEncrypt removes the hassle of encrypted email and gives you peace of mind that your sensitive data is secure in email.

ZixProtect Sophisticated attacks demand a sophisticated solution. ZixProtect takes out the guess work with protection from ransomware, malware, and spearphishing.

ZixMail provides end-to-end email encryption to protect messages and attachments with a single click.

ZixArchive provides secure email retention and makes compliance and eDiscovery easier for you and your team.

ZixOne With ZixOne’s advanced BYOD security, you control access to corporate email, calendar and contacts.

  • Security Infrastructure 52% 52%
  • Data Governance 12% 12%
  • End Point Security 94% 94%

Why Zix

We all want email security. But in the past, as soon as protection is added, it tends to be a drag on productivity. Zix Email Data Protection has been designed to keep communications both safe and convenient.

With Zix, security is easy whether you’re emailing from the office, at home, from a mobile device or tablet. All you have to think about is remembering to include your attachment.

Have peace of mind to share like you’ve never done before. As a leader in email protection, Zix can protect you from almost everything. Well, maybe not public gaffes on email chains.

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