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Full Transaction Stack Protection

Businesses and its users deserve full transaction stack protection. Prevent cyber-attacks and fraud with the only unified solution that protects online transactions from the endpoint through the web application.

Trusted Knight believe it’s time for a drastic change in how enterprises and organisations consume security products and protect their network and application infrastructure.

With modernisation in mind, Trusted Knight delivers security products that can be deployed instantly, improve the performance of networks and applications and protect against new attack vectors.


Full Transaction Stack Protection, Reduced Fraud
The only unified security solution that eliminates fraud in every digital interaction regardless of what platform your customers are using to connect.

Cloud-Based Web App Security, Immediate Value
Protector Air wraps web pages with invisible protection that detects and blocks threats on the user side. This protection defeats malware that tries to steal user data, manipulate web sessions, and modify sensitive transactions.

Agentless Endpoint Protection, Zero Friction
Protector Air is transparent to customers and seamless to implement. Keep your users secure, while providing them with an improved user experience.

Rapid Deployment, Reduced Costs
Spend less time worrying about threats, and more time focused on your core business. Reduce management costs and overhead with a unified, fully managed solution that can be deployed throughout your enterprise in just a few days.

  • Security Infrastructure 68% 68%
  • Data Governance 12% 12%
  • End Point Security 91% 91%


Protector Air is designed to prevent security breaches and fraud all within one unified solution. Malware has become so sophisticated that traditional detect-and-remove endpoint solutions are no longer a viable approach. Conventional endpoint products focus on either security or fraud, not both.

Our mission was to develop a comprehensive, lightweight solution protecting the session between the endpoint and web application while offering zero impact on the customer experience. We exceeded our own expectations.

Protector Air changes the way financial institutions, insurance companies, healthcare providers, government agencies, e-retailers and other businesses conducting online transactions protect their digital presences. These organisations can rapidly deploy Protector Air in the cloud, and instantly experience enterprise security as well as real protection for their transacting customers.


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