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Document Security Everywhere

It’s your data and belongs only to you. Important business data is stored in documents, PDF, Excel worksheets, CAD designs etc. that are exposed to internal threats, human error, extraction by external attacks, etc. SealPath provides total control and visibility of all the documentation you share.

Here at SealPath we firmly believe that there is a paradigmatic shift in the way users communicate and the way in which business information should be protected. In a world where data is becoming more mobile, in which companies operate with a mix of on-site and cloud infrastructures, the real perimeter of the company is its own data and documents and these are the assets that must be protected wherever they are. All without changing the way users work. SealPath enhances productivity by implementing simple but secure data protection solutions.

SealPath enables  companies to protect and control their documents wherever they are: In their PC, in their corporate network, on a partner’s network, in the cloud, etc. Even once the document has been sent or shared and is beyond the control of the IT department.

The most user-friendly and flexible IRM application on the market

Ease of use

SealPath is designed to provide the greatest ease of use and flexibility for both end users and IT personnel.


Documents only need to be put in the network folder or document manager library to be protected by the automatic folder protection function.

Cloud + on-premise

Deploy it in cloud mode to avoid installing server or on-premise components for total control of the infrastructure.


SealPath integrates with your Active Directory or SIEM LDAP tools, DLPs and corporate document managers.

  • Security Infrastructure 4% 4%
  • Data Governance 98% 98%
  • End Point Security 8% 8%

Why Sealpath

The protection that travels with your data

SealPath protection accompanies the document both on your network and on customers’ or partners’ networks, in the cloud (e.g. Box, Dropbox, etc.) or on a mobile device. It controls who accesses the data, when and with what permission (read only, edit, print, copy and paste, etc.). You can see the details of accesses to the document and if anybody has attempted to gain access without permission. If you cease to collaborate with the holder you can block or delete the document so that it is inaccessible to that user or anyone else.


93% Companies that have experienced negative business consequences after a data leak.

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