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Threat Prevention

Our products are trusted by over 1,000 organisations worldwide to protect their digital assets and keep their data flow secure. Companies from a vast range of industries use our next-generation Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR), Multi-Scanning, Vulnerability Assessment and Cloud Access Control technologies to gain strong protection from both known and unknown threats.

Today, we have nearly 200 employees, over 1,000 customers, hundreds of technical partners, and dozens of resellers, but our mission is the same: to provide the most effective threat prevention technology possible.

  • Multi-Scanning Increase detection rates and decrease the time to detect an outbreak. Improve resiliency for compliance and anti-malware engine vulnerabilities without compromising on false positives, performance and cost.
  • Data Sanitisation Unlike sandboxes, our data sanitisation (CDR) technology does not depend on detection to block threats and rebuilds file to prevent targeted attacks related to a vulnerability while maintaining file usability.
  • Vulnerability AssessmentDetects vulnerabilities before applications are installed or in binaries of applications.Endpoint SecurityEnables software engineers and technology vendors to develop products for securing and managing endpoints through detecting, classifying, assessing, and managing thousands of software applications.
  • Big Data Cloud Security Platform Big data cloud security platform contains billions of security intelligence data points to add cyber security intelligence to your architecture.
  • Cloud Access ControlTechnologies to determine the status of important compliance features, ensuring that only trusted devices are allowed access to local networks and cloud applications.
  • Security Infrastructure 89% 89%
  • Data Governance 47% 47%
  • End Point Security 92% 92%


Enterprises today are beset by cyber attacks. Threat actors send attacks through any channel they can, and meanwhile, the cost of compromise is only going up.

To solve the challenges faced by modern enterprises and to shut off major attack vectors, we offer two product platforms: MetaDefender for threat prevention and MetaAccess for cloud access control and endpoint compliance. Our guiding principles: Trust No File. Trust No Device.

Trusted by over 1000 organisations worldwide to provide effective cyber security solutions.

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