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Security begins here.

Nominet’s cyber security NTX solution cuts through the sea of data your teams are working with and gives you immediate visibility of threats and anomalies to preserve the integrity of your network.

All networks rely on DNS traffic. But it is often over-looked in the security stack and therefore the ‘open back-door’ for cyber criminals.

Using patented machine learning techniques, NTX analyses vast volumes of DNS traffic to predict threats, identify infected devices and pinpoint malicious behaviour alerting your security teams so action can be taken before these threats become a problem.

NTX is cloud based, quick and easy-to-deploy and integrates easily with your existing security stack – no hardware investment required.

NTX is Nominet’s threat monitoring and analytics platform, purpose built to analyse billions of DNS data packets in real time, pinpointing and eradicating malicious activity quickly and effortlessly.

The NTX dashboard provides an at-a-glance overview of the DNS in your organisation and of any suspicious events that are manifested in it. Get straight to the issues that matter and fix them fast.

You can search and view recent and historic events detected by the system. Get straight to the cause, both in real time and as part of forensic investigations.

Reports detailed events detected by NTX, the IP addresses of the machines affected, the risk profile these events present as well as suggested actions for remediation. Take the hassle away from reporting. Board-ready reports at the click of a button.

Build your own customised dashboards or detailed views of events in your DNS infrastructure. For analysts and power users with a deep understanding of DNS protocol. Work the way you want to, built around your workflow.


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Benefit from Nominet’s 20 years of experience running national-scale DNS services with 100% uptime. Receive the high levels of service that, as part of the UK’s Critical National Infrastructure, keep businesses and the UK Government up and running.

No other threat detection and remediation service uses our unique algorithms. Derived from the fields of acoustics, data science, artificial intelligence and data compression, they detect and block known and unknown threats in DNS traffic. Your network and infrastructure are protected from the cyber threats constantly bombarding it.

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