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Personal SIEM

Protect, in one place, all your critical applications, on-premise or cloud. Detect unauthorised access or malicious configuration in real time.

IDECSI expands the Cyber the perimeter and improves the security return on investment (ROI) by empowering users to engage in Cyber Security and the protection of their mission critical applications, such as e-mail, SharePoint and others.

IDECS’s technology secures business applications including E-mail, Sharepoint, SAP and others in a way no other vendor can, protecting Enterprise customers from internal and external threats. We instantly detect compromised credentials, malicious reconfiguration and abuse of administrative privileges and provide alerts of breaches in real time. Our user behaviour analysis and unique Personal Security Guardian technology involves the user in the verification of potential threats in a way a SIEM cannot and reduces overhead on the SOC, giving an immediate return on investment. Some of the world’s biggest companies, such as L’Oreal, Louis Vuitton and Société Générale rely on Idecsi to avoid costly and embarrassing breaches.

  • Security Infrastructure 78% 78%
  • Data Governance 32% 32%
  • End Point Security 23% 23%

Detecting and Preventing Breaches

IDECSI is unique in actively engaging users in the security of the company, massively enhancing its ability to detect threats and prevent breaches.

Unique Selling Points

  • Significantly expanding the security perimeter – to encompass applications – without increasing the SIEM and SOC investment.
  • By analysing breaches based on specific applications and individual users, detection is extremely accurate with minimal false positives.
  • Unique ‘Personal Security Guardian’ giving users direct visibility into the security and usage of their applications.
  • Ultimate flexibility: the platform can be used for high-level protection of senior executives and for company-wide protection


  • Real time alerting direct users – individuals who know whether actions in their accounts are malicious or acceptable
  • User-centric Security (highly accurate breach detection; reduced security costs to detect each breach due to user engagement; highly improved user engagement with Cyber Security)
  • Ability to keep track of permissions and usage of OneDrive and SharePoint

Fortune 500 clients rely on IDECSI to protect their critical business services

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