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Accelerate digitalisation with the simplest, most robust solution for reducing IoT/ICS risk from network threats and unmanaged devices – and the only platform with patented M2M – aware behavioural analytics.

CyberX is the only industrial cybersecurity platform built by blue-team cyber-experts with a proven track record defending critical national infrastructure.

We were the ones who developed the technology solutions – sometimes overnight – in real environments to address real and immediate threats … and we were the ones who deployed them in the field and made sure they worked, day in and day out, even when managed by people who had to worry about countless other things – like survival.

CyberX Platform 

Perimeter firewalls and conventional ICS/SCADA defences – including outdated notions like “air-gapping” and “security by obscurity” – are no longer sufficient to protect IoT and ICS networks. Targeted attacks, sophisticated malware, and insider and trusted third-party threats require different, more specialised protection. That’s why CyberX was purpose-built for IoT and ICS defence.

Delivers immediate insights about ICS assets, vulnerabilities, and threats – in less than an hour – without relying on rules or signatures, specialised skills, or prior knowledge of the environment.

ICS-aware with deep embedded knowledge of IoT and ICS protocols, devices, applications — and their behaviours.

Continuous monitoring and real-time alerting with minimal false positives.

Known and zero-day threats – CyberX detects both for complete cybersecurity.

Passive and non-intrusive – with zero impact on IoT and ICS networks and devices. The CyberX appliance connects to a SPAN port or network TAP and immediately begins collecting ICS network traffic via passive (agent-less) monitoring.

Holistic – reduces complexity with a single unified platform for asset management, risk and vulnerability management, and threat monitoring with incident response.

Heterogeneous and IoT and ICS vendor-agnostic – with broad support for diverse IoT and ICS protocols and control system equipment from all IoT and ICS vendors.

Integrates with your existing SOC workflows and security stacks – including SIEMs, firewalls, security orchestration and ticketing systems, and privileged access management solutions.

Open Architecture – built from the ground-up with a rich API.


Production Deployments in ICS networks worldwide


Why CyberX


Yes, CyberX delivers continuous monitoring and vulnerability management with zero impact on operational networks. Yes, CyberX discovers and displays a complete network map of all your assets, reaching into all areas of production to give you a clear picture of all devices and how they communicate with each other. Yes, CyberX integrates with your SOC workflows and existing security stack to provide unified security governance across both IT and IoT and ICS.

At CyberX, these are just table stakes. As the most complete industrial cybersecurity platform, we’re continuously adding capabilities and services, streamlining workflows, and integrating with even more of your existing security stack … and making sure it all works.

Today. And Tomorrow.


If you’re looking for real, defensible statements of superiority and reasons to choose CyberX over any other platform in the cybersecurity space, you’ll find them right here. These are not beta products or future destinations on our product development roadmap — every claim we make is backed by our proven track record. Today.

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