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Attivo Networks

Deceive, Detect, Defend.

A modern-day adaptive defence for early and accurate in-network  threat detection.

Attivo Networks, award winning leader in deception for cyber security defense. The most effective method to deceive, detect, defend against cyber attacks.

ThreatStrike – End Point Protection Suite

The Attivo ThreatStrike Endpoint solution, part of the modular ThreatDefend™ Platform, provides early and accurate detection of targeted attacks on endpoints and servers.

ThreatPath™ – Vulnerability Assessment

The Attivo ThreatPath™ solution, is part of the modular ThreatDefend™ Platform and provides continuous attack path vulnerability assessment of likely lateral movement avenues that an attacker would take to compromise a network.

ThreatOps™ – Incident Handling and Response

The ThreatOps™ solution accelerates incident response by adding repeatable playbook functionality to the ThreatDefend™ platform.

  • Security Infrastructure 93% 93%
  • Data Governance 31% 31%
  • End Point Security 41% 41%


Attivo Networks changes the game on the modern-day human attacker. Deception technology provides a threat defense of traps and lures designed to deceive attackers into revealing themselves. Engagement-based attack analysis, forensics and 3rd party integrations accelerate incident response.


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