Powered by the Alert Logic ActiveAnalytics™ Platform and Alert Logic ActiveIntelligence™, the Alert Logic Cloud Defender™ managed SIEM solution allows organizations to: One solution for all your public and private cloud infrastructure as well as your on-premises environments.

The Alert Logic Difference

Alert Logic delivers a unique approach that eliminates the obstacles that have caused many SIEM deployments to fall short of their expectations.

  • SIEM Capabilities delivered from the Cloud
  • Dynamic correlation drives deeper insights into organizations security posture
  • Post compromise detection helps prevent future breaches that would exploit a similar threat vector
  • 24×7 monitoring by security experts eliminates the cost of staffing internal team
  • Threat research team focused on protection against emerging threats
  • Real-time detection and protection across all environments
  • No additional software or hardware to deploy
  • Pay-as-you-go subscription model

The Options for Solving the SIEM Problem


With Alert Logic managed SIEM organisations can avoid:

  • Lengthy implementations
  • Adding expensive and hard to find security specialists to their IT teams
  • Large capital expenses associated with in-house SIEM purchases
  • Extensive training requirements
  • Burden of on-going operational support (configuration, tuning, etc.)

It’s time for organizations to say no to the complexities of legacy SIEM products and yes to a simpler approach to protecting their environments. With the Alert Logic managed SIEM solution you don’t need to be an expert to take your security and compliance posture to the next level.