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Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR)

With a 24/7 security operations centre and dozens of security systems, one U.S. federal agency was manually investigating 10,000+ alerts every day.

That’s no longer the case. With Swimlane, the agency realised efficiency improvements equivalent to a 50 percent staffing increase, and for some routine threats, reductions of 75-90 percent in both staff and response times.

Most Innovative  РSecurity Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR)

Most Innovative – Enterprise Security

Next Gen – Incident Response


Staff effort reduction


Reduction in response times


Automate incident response workflow


  • Consolidated SecOps Visibility
  • Consistent and Scalable Incident Response Processes
  • Faster Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR)
  • Automated Threat Defence
  • Comprehensive Key Performance Indicators


  • Lowered risk and increased security posture
  • Optimised and cost-efficient security workflow
  • Maintained business reputation and credibility
  • Maintained stakeholder confidence

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