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Phishing Defence and Response as a Service

Many organisations facing the increasing volume and complexity of email phishing attacks today do not have the resources they need to analyse, respond and resolve all the potential phishing incidents that are reported by their users each day.
This inevitably leaves businesses exposed to unnecessary risks as users take on the responsibility of determining if they should open an email or click its content.

The Progress Phishing Defence and Response (PDR) service solves this problem by providing your users with a simple one-click solution for reporting suspicious email.

Our experts then carefully examine the suspicious email to identify if it is malicious and if opening or clicking the content would likely lead to a system being compromised, information being disclosed, a breach of regulatory compliance or a violation of data export controls. Users are informed whether it is safe to proceed and open suspicious emails and their content or whether they should be immediately quarantined.

Provided as a cloud service, our on-demand experts are available to take on the burden of providing an advanced level of human qualification to potential phishing attacks and lowering the impact of alert triage on your existing security team.

Our innovative one-click approach positively encourages good security practices and lessens the burden on users to inspect and determine if their email might be malicious.


Drop in User Susceptibility


Fortune 500


  • Regulatory Compliance, Lowered risk of fines due to regulatory compliance or data export control violations.
  • Reduction in Resource, Reduce the impact on your existing security team by utilising a phishing defence and response cloud service.
  • Business Continuity, Maintained business continuity and stakeholder confidence.


  • Email Security Experts, Our experts are available on- demand to identify and react to phishing attacks.
  • One-click SolutionLessen the burden on users to determine if they should open email or not with a simple one-click solution.
  • Security Intelligence, Your security team will be provided with the actionable intelligence they need to stop future phishing attempts.


Engage and Empower

Proactively engage and empower your employees with a one-click solution to immediately report suspicious emails and remove the burden of trying to determine if they should or should not open an email or its content.

Our on-demand experts inspect and analyse suspicious email and inform users if the content is safe to open or if it is malicious and should be quarantined. When malicious content is found, your security teams are notified aboutthe ‘qualified’ phishing attempt and provided with theactionable intelligence they need to help mitigate further phishing attempts.

By Actively engaging your workforce in reporting suspicious emails, combined with true-to-life simulation training, encourages good security practices and will help your business achieve the highest levels of malicious email identification and email security defence.

Defence and Response as a Service

Our innovative Phishing Defence and Response capability is provided as a service, alleviating the burden of ownership associated with products you have to buy, maintain and provide the staff to operate.

Human-Vetted Analysis

Our service will help your business significantly lower the risk posed by phishing attacks, as our experts take on the burden of identifying malicious emails for your workforce. Our human-vetted analysis provides the highest standards of malicious email identification and our service objectives ensure your business continuity is not impacted.

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