Data Breach Assessment

Data Breach Assessment (DBA)

Organisations have invested in prevention technology for years, increasing complexity and reducing effectiveness as they try and manage the myriad of various technologies. This increases risk to the business in direct correlation to the complexity.

The answer?…..

As many on demand assessments as you require to help harden your defence against attacks, misconfigurations and vulnerabilities.


  • There is a reduction in the need for costly penetration testing
  • Fine avoidance for breaches of security or regulatory compliance
  • Reduction in the time to assess, identify and remediate vulnerabilities and misconfiguration of security systems and controls

Data breaches 2019


Records stolen


Average cost of breach (£)


  • Continual assessment and improvement of the organisation’s security posture
  • Reduction in risk and optimised resiliency to threats and vulnerabilities

  • Optimising the effectiveness of the organisation’s existing investment in security defence utilised by multiple business units for cyber security

  • Compliance, cloud infrastructure validation, high speed ethernet testing, service assurance and analytics and wireless performance

  • Measure and evidence the effectiveness of security devices, controls and policies

  • Comprehensive key performance indicators

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