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Account Protection for Email and Cloud Services

Email and business services such as Exchange and SharePoint are common to most businesses and it is essential that account activity is monitored to identify threats, vulnerabilities and malicious activity.
Account Protection for Email and Cloud Services provides deep insight, through behavioural analytics and machine learning, to expose email and account abuse against mailboxes and to identify malicious misconfiguration and other threats to business services such as SharePoint and Office360.
The service is deployed and operational within two hours and only requires read-only log access. No access to email or content is required. The service directly supports; Exchange, Office360, SharePoint, OneDrive, G Suite, Box and SAP, alerting security personnel to risks and threats such as;
  • Unauthorised access and configuration changes
  • Multiple users or devices accessing the same mailbox
  • Inappropriate access rights and permissions
  • Unusual access to files or libraries

When used in conjunction with the free application for smart phones and mobile devices, users can be prompted to approve or confirm if they have made changes to their accounts or if they are now accessing their accounts from an unrecognised device or location. This immediately qualifies events with unapproved events being raised to the security teams via SIEM.



Fortune 500


The service significantly reduces the risk of a security breach to a mailbox or critical business service, likely to result in the loss of intellectual property or a breach of regulatory compliance or data export controls.

  • £20,000 GBP cost of a compromise, per incident
  • £12,000 GBP cost of recovery, per incident
  • £250,000 to £1m Cost of a breach of compliance or a violation of export controls.


A continual service (SaaS) or on-demand audits to immediately identify;
    • Malicious configuration
    • Account or service abuse
    • Unauthorised account access
    • Unusual access to sensitive information or libraries
    • Account or service vulnerabilities


Improved business continuity, lowered risk and optimal operational security.
  • Improved resiliency to email and application abuse
  • Improved governance and service continuity
  • Increased confidence in data confidentiality
  • User engagement and awareness of security
  • Maintained stakeholder confidence

Deep Behavioural Insight

Immediately determine which users are accessing which mailboxes and services and from which devices and geographical locations.

Employee Engagement

Users are actively engaged and able to participate in the security of their own account and the services which they use.

Users can be prompted to confirm unusual access to their accounts or to approve configuration changes made to their accounts.

A simple on-click action can alert security teams to an unapproved change or unauthorised access to an account, thus minimising false positives.

Cloud or On-premises

Whether your applications are located within your network, in the cloud or both, the service platform can provide full protection by analysing the information provided by each protected application, with a single console managing the security of all applications.

Reduce Breach Detection Times

As the service immediately identifies unusual or malicious account and service activity, the time it takes to detect a breach or compromised account credentials can be reduced from 90 to 0 days, with using being prompted to accept or report unapproved access or other unusual activity.

Service Deployment and Operation

As no physical deployment is required within your network environment, the cloud service can usually be and configured and set operational within two hours. The service features;

  • 100% Agentless
  • No access to emails or confidential files
  • 24x7x365 monitoring
  • Realtime alerting
  • Free application for smartphones

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