Good Causes

Corporate Citizenship

Progress encourages a culture of corporate responsibility and good citizenship, striving to support charitable organisations in a meaningful and impactful way. Progress volunteers regularly donate their time to make valuable contributions to community programmes and to benefit social enterprises.

Progress is proud of its teams focus on helping ‘not for profit’ organisations and the tremendous effort they make in supporting the wider community.

John Quinn

CEO and Founder, Progress Technology Services


Progress supports the Barnardo’s charity in fund raising activities and believes strongly in the principles of the organisation.

Barnardo’s are the UK’s largest children’s charity, changing the lives of the children and young people in the UK who most need their help. Barnardo’s believes in children and listens to them – no matter who they are, what they have done or what they have been through.

This belief started with the Barnardo’s founder Thomas Barnardo, who stood up for the most vulnerable children in society.

Progress supports Benardo’s vision – a world where no child is turned away.

NSPCC - ChildLine

Progress supports the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) and has helped the organisation raise record funds at the annual White Hat Ball.

Every child deserves the best possible chance to rebuild their life after abuse, That’s why the NSPCC exists. The organisation is the leading children’s charity fighting to end child abuse in the UK and Channel Islands.

Join the NSPCC in the fight for every childhood.

This Years Events

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